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We Can Help You!

Your "To Do List" is as long as the street.  And new items are added even faster than you can cross off what you've done. Does it ever end?  When is there time left for you?  I can understand because I'm that person, too.

CAPS can help you find more time to relax and enjoy your life. We can clean your home or office, organize your belongings, and help you prepare for a move.  And when you finally get time to take your dream vacation, CAPS can house-sit for you, too. CAPS is a referal agency.

Experience High Quality Cleaning at a Reasonable Price.  Call Me For a Free Estimate at 949-350-6916.

Virginia, President, CAPS 

Here Is a Sample of Our Recent 5-Star Client Reviews

Sherry H., Irvine, CA, May 26, 2017 (on Houzz.com

I've used this cleaning service for about two years, and it is the best I've ever had (in 30 years!). Virginia is diligent, hard-working, and pays attention to detail. She is unobtrusive, gracious, pleasant to be around and highly trustworthy. She uses quality products and charges fairly. I recommend her without hesitation.

Katie M., Irvine, CA, April 7, 2017 (on Yelp.com

I had a really great experience with Virginia. We discussed my needs over the phone, in detail, before she came over and she was able to get a sense of what I wanted. When she arrived, we went through the house and I pointed out things that were important for me to have cleaned. She went through each room and thoroughly cleaned. She works very hard and the results were fantastic!

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CAPS Residential Policies and Fees Agreement...

Click here to download the Class Act Personal Services Residential Policies and Fees Agreement.

Could You Be at Risk...?

What is the risk if a homeowner "knowingly" hires an alien who is an unauthorized alien with respect to such employment?  Click here and read the US Code...

House and Office Cleaning...

The CAPS Team is polite, punctual and focused on your particular house and office cleaning needs. We use soft micro-fiber cloths... (more...)


We would be happy to assist you with house or office organizing, such as spring cleaning or packing your household or... (more...)


While you are away, we can help make your residence look as if it is occupied. We will pick-up the mail, flyers,... (more...)